Hello, and welcome to our 'eff-too' custom builds mini-site!

All eff-too models are built personally by David Angel at F2 Motorcycles Ltd's, Fenland workshop.

When we started offering smaller capacity bikes, many of our customers wanted something a bit different - a bike that would stand out from the crowd, but not cost a fortune – and so over the past couple of years I've built up a number of unique, special edition bikes for customers, turning their ideas into reality. It's been hugely successful, and a lot of fun! I get to build some great bikes within the constraints of both size and budget, and the customer gets an individual bike built in a workshop by someone who understands the bike well. 

It would be so easy to get carried away with this success and move on to larger, more expensive base bikes, but I really love these little custom builds. There's something honest and down to earth about them, and even better, they actually get ridden and I get to see how much enjoyment they bring to their owners. 

And so, we are delighted to be launching our own 'eff-too' brand of custom builds, borrowing the best from the one-off specials that I have built, plus a whole heap of new ideas I have wanted to try. The end result is a range of cool bikes, built with care, and at an affordable, ride-away price. 

Each model starts as a base bike that is then sensibly modified to either tidy up or completely change the styling. In keeping with the idea that these bikes are to be ridden and enjoyed on a regular basis, I also make improvements to handling, brakes, and engine performance where needed. 

Every eff-too model is supplied with a build certificate of authenticity. 

We hope you like them as much as we do!

David, F2 Motorcycles Ltd.

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