We stock a wide selection of pistons and piston rings for Urals motorcycles. Over the years there have been various types of piston rings and various crown heights.

It's important not to mix and match pistons.
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Ural 650 piston

F20402/66 - M66 Piston
Price each - £42.00
Price pair - £72.00

Standard flat top piston that uses the original 4 ring system of 2 x 2.5mm compression and 2 x 5.0 mm oil control rings. Original fitment on Ural M63 and M66. Can also be fitted as a lower cost alternative on later M67 and 8.123 650 OHV engines. In stock in standard 78mm and P2 78.50 mm. Price is as you see in the picture and rings can be purchased separately. Our stock is genuine USSR/Russian from the factory and not far eastern pattern parts.
ural piston

F20402/67 - M67 Piston
Price each - £105.00
Price pair - £195.00

Higher compression than the flat tops. They use the more modern three rings system just like the latest 750cc OHV engines. The 2 compression rings are 1.5mm high and the oil control ring is 4.0 mm high. These are genuine Ural factory pistons and are only available in the standard size of 78mm.

ural 750 piston

F20402/OHV - 750 Piston
Price each - £180.00
Price pair - £336.00

Ural 750 OHV piston can be fitted to any model over head valve Ural made between about 1972 and 2018. These high quality pistons raise the compression ratio and therefore the performance when fitted to early 650cc Urals. They require the modern piston rings consisting of 2 compression rings at 1.5mm high and a single 3 part oil control ring at 4.0 mm high. Available in standard size only of 78mm.
ural 650 piston ring

F20416/66 - M66 Rings
Compression - £3.60
Oil Control - £3.60

Nice quality EU produced replacement rings for all 4 ring systems fitted to Ural M63/M66 as well as Dnepr MT11. Compression rings are 2.5mm high and the oil control rings are 5.0mm high. Available in standard size 78mm and P2 78.50mm. These work very well as a full set or even better mix them with our upgrade rings. Use one upgrade compression and one upgrade oil control on each piston.

ural piston ring

F20416/UG - Upgrade Rings
Compression - £12.00
Oil Control - £15.00

Amazing quaity rings used as an upgrade for all pistons originally fitted with the 4 ring system. They work extremely well when mixed with our EU produced M66 rings. Fit one upgrade compression ring in the top position, followed by a M66 compression ring in the next groove down. The upgrade three part oil control ring fits in the highest of the 5mm grooves and finally a M66 EU ring goes in the very bottom groove. We sell these in both standard and P2 oversize.
ural piston ring

F20416/123 - 8.123 Rings
Price set - £48.00
Price 2 sets - £84.00

Super rare, almost unobtainable ring set. As far as we can tell these were only used on a three ring piston fitted to some export Ural 650cc bikes in 1998 to 2000. The two compression rings are slightly different heights at 2mm and 1.75 mm. The oil control ring consists of a double lipped outer with a helical would inner with a 3mm height. We have them in standard size only and sell them as complete sets only. 1 set is needed per piston. Great care is needed when fitting these rings. A good ring compressor is essential.
ural 750 piston ring

F20416/OHV - 750 Rings
Price set - £48.00
Price 2 sets - £84.00

Standard rings fitted to all Ural 750 OHV engines made until 2018. These where also used on some M67 models. The set is three rings, the two compression rings are very slightly different from each other as the second one down has a small cutaway section on the back. They are both 1.5 mm high. The oil control ring is made up of three parts and is 4.0 mm high. You will need one set per piston. We can also sell individual rings if you need them.
ural oversize piston

F20402/OS - Ural 79mm
Price pair - £300.00

79mm (1 mm oversize) repair kits for all Ural 750 OHV. High quality forged oversize pistons to be used if you need to re-bore later Ural models. Can also be used in earlier Ural 650 models but it will raise the compression ratio. Complete set of pistons with rings and repair size piston pin. Cylinder will require boring and small end bush will require reaming. These high quality pistons raise the compression ratio and therefore the performance when fitted to early 650cc Urals.
ural manual

Our short blog about measuring pistons and gapping piston rings can be found by clicking on the pistons link.


Once you are done rebuilding take a look at our instructions for setting the valve clearances.

ural m66 piston

F20402/66 - M66 P1
Price pair - £72.00
Special Offer

We have limited stock of a pairs of genuine Ural factory M66 pistons complete with original Russian rings. These are all P1 size only and sold in pairs with rings. Once they are gone there will be no more. These are not nasty pattern parts from eBay.
kmz dnepr piston

F20402/MT - MT11 Piston
Price pair - £60.00
Special Offer

Dnepr MT11 pistons in P2 size 78.50 mm. These are new but very old stock, made before all the discounters started having them copied in the far east. When these are gone we will not be able to get more as we are not prepared to sell the later pattern copies. These pistons require the original 4 ring system just like the M66 pistons. These pistons are or Dnepr bike only, not Urals.
Piston Gudgeon Pins

F20414 - Gudgeon Pins
Price each - £24.00
Special Offer

Over sized piston gudgeon pins for Ural 650 and 750 up to 2020. Fits all models with 21mm piston pins. Standard factory size is 22.9900 to 21.9950 mm diameter. We have some slight over size pins at 20.9950 to 21.0000 mm pins. These are perfect if you have just a tiny amount of play in the small end and can sometime save replacing the bush.
Piston Gudgeon Pins

F20502 - 650 Alloy Cylinders
Price pair - £240.00
Special Offer

New genuine factory alloy barrels for Ural M63, M66, M67 etc. Supplied with correct factory base and head studs as well as correct composite head gaskets. We have a limited supply of these as the factory no longer produce them. When they are gone, that's it there will not be any more.

Full details of how to place an order and our delivery charges can be found on the ordering page.


ural spares

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