Ural Oil Filters and Oil.

We hold £1000s of spare parts for Urals and can not list them all, so if you need a specific part please contact us.
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ural oil filter

F20315/URAL - Oil Filers
Price x 1 - £16.80
Price x 3 - £45.00

Factory supplied oil filters to fit all Urals from M66 right through to when they switched to spin on filters in.

Please note these are genuine filters, not cheaper pattern parts and are supplied with a new bush per oil filter.
ural oil filter

F20315/ECO - Oil Filters
Price x 2 - £24.00
Special Offer

High quality pattern filters produces by internation pattern parts manufacturer.

These should not be confused with the ebay ones that seem to turn to mush in oil.

Suitable for owners who do frequent oil changes and would benefit from a lower cost oil filter.

Supplied with one bush per pair of filters.
ural oil filter seal

F20317 - Filter O-ring
Price - £3.00

F20316 - Filter bush M67
Price - £3.00

The o-ring forms a seal between the oil filter plug and the engine. It does not need changing with every oil change, but it's wise to have a spare on hand just in case the original is damaged as the filter plug is removed.

Filter bush as supplied with original filters seen on this page.
oil filter seal

F20317 - Filter O-ring
Price - £3.00

F20316 - Felt bush M66
Price - £3.00

O-ring is the same as the M67 one.

When fitting the oil filter to the Ural M66 the filter is fitted with the hole at the top. It is important to use a felt bush which should be stuck on the filter with a little grease while fitting. A spring under the filter holds the filter in place once the filter plug is fitted.
ural oil filter

F20501 - Spin on Filter
Price x 1 - £13.20
Price x 3 - £36.00

Spin on filters as used on Urals from 2014. Ural supply various brands of filter, all of which are a perfect fit and good quality.
ural oil research

Check out our oil research.

Our recommendations are not based on a something a mate told me in a forum. They are based on a sound understanding of what the oil needs to do inside a Ural engine and confirmed by one of the worlds leading oil research laboratories

ural oil

4 litres TRM 20w60 - £54.00
4 litres 20w50 semi - £39.00
1 litre GRO 75w90 - £15.00
1 litre 75w140 Synthetic - £15.00
5 litres SAE40 - £36.00
5 litres SAE50 - £36.00
1 litre pre-mix 2T - £16.80
1 litre injector 2T - £16.80

We use Rock Oil in our workshop
oil additive

FLUSH - Oil Treatment
Price - £7.20

Small size, ultra strong engine flush designed for motorcycles, which often have small oil galleries in the engine. Warm engine before service, add the whole bottle to the oil, run at idle for a further 10 minutes, drain and replace oil with filter as normal.

Full details of how to place an order and our delivery charges can be found on the ordering page.


ural spare parts

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