We stock a wide selection of motorcycle air filters. Both standard original items and a few upgrades or improved filters.

We cover most models from the 1970s right through to the latest Ural motorcycles.

This site only shows a small fraction of our spares stock.
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Ural 650 air filter

F23814/ES -Electric Start 650
Price each - £42.00

For just a few years from about 1999 Ural supplied 650cc bikes fitted with electric start. The air filter box hung from a bracket on the frame and had a chrome Ural logo on each side. This is the correct filter for it.
Ural wolf air filter

F23814/WOLF - Wolf/MT11
Price each - £30.00

The early Ural Wolf bikes had a huge air box that sucked in air from under the tank. the filter is fitted from the side and there is a chrome Ural logo on both sides. This is the correct filter. These bikes were supplied with K68 carbs as standard.

Later Ural Wolf bikes used the standard 750 air box and Keihin carbs.
Ural 750 air filter

F23814/750 - 750 OHV
Price each - £42.00

Fits all Ural 750 OHV air boxes that require a filter that is fitted after removing the top of the air box. These bikes are pretty much always fitted with Keihin carburetors.
Ural k&n air filter

F2314/K&N - 750 K&N
Price each - £60.00

This filter is a direct replacement for the original filter fitted by Ural to the flat oval filter box. It replaces either the original paper or blue mesh air filter. It comes oiled and ready to fit. These filters are legendary amongst car tuners for their high flow and excellent engine protection in the most extreme environments. They can be washed, oiled and reused for up to one million miles, so you will only need one. Because these filters flow more air we supply them with new main jets for Keihin carburetors
Ural 750 EFI air filter

F23814/EFI - 750 EFI
Price each - £60.00

Flat panel filter as fitted to Ural 750 EFI bikes from 2014.
Ural pod air filter

F23814/RAM - Ram Air
Price each - £55.20

These can only be fitted to Ural 750cc bikes using standard Keihin carburetors. Filters come pre-sprayed and with the correct jets ready to fit straight on. Gives a noticeable improvement in the mid range power and allows the removal air box and branch pipes. We have been testing these in all weather conditions and they work well.
Ural inlet pipes

F23832/K65 - K65 Branch Pipes
Price pair - £42.00

Connects from the air box on the older style Ural gearbox M67 and all 650 kick start models right up to 1997. If the oil bath type air box is held to the gearbox by a long central bolt and you have K65/K63 carburetors these are the correct pipes.
Ural 650 branch pipes

F23833/JIKOV - Jikov Pipes
Price pair - £48.00

Connects from the air box on the older style Ural gearbox M67 and all 650 kick start models from 1998. If the oil bath type air box is held to the gearbox by a long central bolt and you have Jikov carburetors these are the correct pipes.
Ural 750 branch pipes

F23814 - 750 OHV Pipes
Price pair - £72.00

Huge improvement in both fit and life for your Ural 750. If you currently have air inlet pipes made up of 2 rubber bends and a metal connector per Keihin carb, these will fit. Unlike he originals these fit very well and don't keep falling off the back of the carb. Sold in pairs only, they are marked left and right.
Breather Filter

F20329/BF - Breather Filter
Price each - £19.20

Breather Filter. The engine breather tends to make the original air filter wet in the winter when doing lots of short journeys. Many people disconnect the engine breather from the air filter box on Urals and then block the hole in the air filter box. This leaves the problem of what to do with the engine breather pipe. It can just be run down to breath on to the ground. A much better solution is to fit this small filter. These are also a great idea if you are planning to fit K&N or Foam filters.

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This site can only show a tiny fraction of the parts we stock.

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