Brake and Ignition Switches for your Ural.

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Ural Ignition switch

F243.0115 - Ignition Switch
Price - £45.00

Fits all 12 volt 650 and 750 OHV Urals up to about 2017,Ural M67, Soviet, Galant, Wolf, Retro, Northstar, Dalesman, Tourist etc. Also all 650 Dnepr 12 volt bikes MT11, Phoenix, etc. Comes with two keys. Second gen EFI bikes do not use this ignition switch.
Ural brake light switch

F24322/DOM - Brake Switch
Price Grey - £24.00
Price Brass - £18.00

Fits Urals from about 2000 to about 2007 fitted with drum front brake and Domino levers. They do not fit the Russian levers used on earlier models. We stock both the original in grey plastic and an after-market alternative in brass.
brake light switch

F23307 - Brake Switch
Price - £30.00

Switch for the newer Ural 750s fitted with Brembo disc front brake. Just to confuse matters there are two slightly different type. The early type on the left has two tiny holes and is attached to the lever with two tiny screws. The later type has a steel bracket and is attached with one larger screw.
ural brake switch

F24322/RUS - M8 Brake Switch
Price pair - £18.00

Replacement brake light switch for Russian brake levers with drum brakes. Fits M67 front. This switch will not fit Domino levers. To help identify the levers, Russian brake levers do not have a cable adjuster at the lever, but they do have a 10 mm hole to attach the mirror. Later Domino levers have a cable adjuster and a threaded boss for the mirror rather and a simple hole. Also used as a rear brake light switch on some models in the early 2000s.
dnepr brake switch

F24325 - Brake Switch
Price pair - £18.00

This switch is operated by a small pull spring. Fitted to most 12 volt Dneprs and some 12 Volt Urals. But some 12 volt Urals use two switch F24322/RUS, one on the front lever and one on the rear brake lever. Please check you bike before ordering
motorcycle brake switch

F243.0125 - Brake Switch
Price - £18.00

Replacement for the brake light switch used by Ural from about 2011. Ural keep changing the electrical connectors and the location of the switch so we supply it with spare electrical connectors and a long spring that can be cut to length.
british brake switch

F24325/UNI - Brake Switch
Price - £12.00

Universal pull type brake switch often used on British bikes and custom builds.

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This site can only show a tiny fraaction of the parts we stock.

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