We stock a full range of final drive parts for Ural motorcycles.

All parts are genuine original or better then original quality. We do not sell cheap pattern parts that do not fit well and cause damage to other componants.
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Universal Joint

F21422 - UJ Repair
Price - £30.00

This fits Ural M72, M63, M66, M67, 8.123, 8.128, Dnepr, K650, K750, MT9, MT10/36, MT11, and probably all other Ural and Dnepr models. If you have play in the shaft drive universal joint this will fix it as long as the two outside forks are not worn. Comes complete with centre cross, all needle bearings, seals and caps. This is not exactly a joy to fit.
Universal Joint

F21521 - Needle Bearing
Price - £6.00

This fits Ural M72, M63, M66, M67, 8.123, 8.128, Dnepr, K650, K750, MT9, MT10/36, MT11, and probably all other Ural and Dnepr models upto 2020. Pack of 45 needle bearings for the crown wheel hub. These are high quality accurate bearings with a hardened surface. Not the junk offered on some auction sites.
Final drive studs

F21543 - Case Studs
Price each - £24.00

Fits all two stud final drive case as used on Urals from the late 1990s. Over the years Ural have used different thread pitches. Generally a finer pitch before May 2005. However we will supply the studs along with new nuts of the correct thread so there can be no chance of getting it wrong.
Final drive seal

F21504 - Output Seal
Price each - £18.00

Fits Ural M72, M63, M66, M67, 8.123, 8.128, to about 2005 as well as Dnepr, K650, K750, MT9, MT10/36, MT11.
These are original Russian factory stock and not the leaky cheap copies from other suppliers.
Final drive case

F21502 - Outer Case
Price - £174.00

Unfortunately when Ural changed from drum rear brake to disc they suffered alot of craked cases. A few people have managed to successfully repair them with aluminium welding but where this fails we offer a new replacement case. You must keep the two M10 nuts tight and check them often to avoid this case cracking. Comes complete with new vent. We advise running a rubber pipe from the vent to a point at least 20 cm higher then the vent.
Ural cush drive

F21402 - Cush Drive
Price Original - £66.00
Price Polyurethane - £36.00

Cush drive for all Urals and Dneprs. The one on the left is a factory original and obviously made to a decent quality. The one on the right is produced for us from polyurethane as used by car customisers when they upgrade the suspension bushes. Long lasting and lower cost alternative to the factory original. We do not sell the utter junk version for sale very cheaply elsewhere. We tried them, they last about a mile, what is the point.

Full details of how to place an order and our delivery charges can be found on the ordering page.

Ural Dnepr spares

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