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Chang Jiang 650

Chang Jiang has been producing sidecar outfits for over 70 years and currently supply over 2000 units a year worldwide.

We have supplied and supported the older Chang Jiangs in the past, but this new model is a huge leap forward in every way.
Out goes the wheezy 24 hp motor, the frightening brakes and the take it or leave it build quality, and in comes
a liquid cooled DOHC 8 valve twin, producing 55 hp and fed by a Bosch EFI system, linked disc brakes on every wheel and
export standard build quality backed by a decent warranty and a European spares warehouse.

Chang Jiang Dynasty

Chang Jiang Dynasty 650

Civilian styled sidecar outfit
Deep gloss paint

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Chang Jiang Pekin Express

Chang Jiang Pekin Express 650

Military style sidecar outfit
Satin matt paint

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